Eric Johnson

Recordkeeping Rules for Minnesota Corporations and LLCs

It goes without saying that thorough recordkeeping is good corporate governance. However, some businesses may not know that it is also the law. Corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) that are organized under Minnesota law must maintain certain records and allow their shareholders or members to access the records upon request. This article briefly outlines […]


Donald Erickson

Qualifying Under New FLSA Exemptions

  A.  Why is the FLSA so Important Wage and hour law present a unique challenge to the legal or HR practitioner.  The rules were developed in the Great Depression of the 1930’s where most employees were paid for physical labor, but now the rules must be applied in situations not anticipated by the regulators […]


Mia Thibodeau

State and Local Entities Help Wisconsin Businesses and Nonprofits Grow

Many state and local entities operate to assist businesses and nonprofits to develop and grow. In Wisconsin, some of the major state entities include the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), the Wisconsin Health and Educational Facilities Authority (WHEFA), the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA), and the Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA). Examples of […]


Steve Nys 17022_Nys002f_300dpi

Keeping the Cabin in the Family

In August, the sunsets arrive sooner, Labor Day appears on the horizon, and–in my family–we start making plans to eventually close up our family cabin for the winter. At our cabin, we have a three-ring binder we call, “The Book.”  “The Book” contains three generations of instructions on how to open the cabin in the […]


Samuel Richie

2019 Legislative Session Recap

The Minnesota Legislature utilized a one-day special session to pass a two-year state budget, a testament to comprise for the nation’s only divided Legislature. This article will examine the new leadership dynamics that led to the agreement, review the budget,  address policy that did and did not become law, and look to what the 2020 […]



FORE! Avoiding a Legal Hazard in Minnesota Golf Law

Even devoted readers of the Business Law Column may be unaware that May is golf month in the BLC; but, it’s right there in the BLC bylaws. While little, if any, BLC space has been dedicated over the years to the convergence of law and golf, the two do come together from time to time. […]


John Gasele

Finding Opportunity in Opportunity Zones

You may have heard of Opportunity Zones.  But, like all things connected to taxes, it can be hard to figure out just what Opportunity Zones are and what actual opportunities they present. Qualified Opportunity Zones were created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017, and the IRS recently issued proposed regulations that give […]


John Gasele

Legal Spring Cleaning

Springtime evokes welcome associations of fresh air and balmy temperatures. We look forward to the bright sun shining through the windows and dream of days in the garden or on the golf course. It’s also an opportunity to tidy up and make a fresh start around the house. Have you ever considered the value of […]


Tom Witt 2018 Color 17002_WIT41F_300DPI

The Rules of Professional Conduct and You

The attorney-client relationship is defined and regulated by the state’s rules of professional responsibility. These rules are unique to each state, but generally follow the American Bar Association Model Rules. Understanding these rules can help you get the most out of your attorney. A lawyer shall provide competent representation to a client.[1] This goes without […]


Richard Hansen 17017_Han 011f_300dpi

Employee or Independent Contractor?: An Important Question For Workers and Businesses Alike.

As the so-called “gig-economy” grows and businesses rely more on freelance or temp workers, an issue businesses continue to grapple with is whether to classify those workers as independent contractors or employees. The distinction has significant consequences for workers and businesses alike. For instance, if a worker is deemed an employee, the employer must withhold […]