Minnesota’s Recreational Use Statute May Limit Landowner Liability

With the winter sports season not too far away, private landowners may face the issue of whether to allow access over their property for recreational activities. While Minnesota’s recreational land use statute may assuage some fears of potential liability, a new court decision may narrow protections for landowners who allow others to recreate on their […]


John Gasele

Reduce Your Risk of a Data Breach

The recent security breach suffered by Equifax is a good reminder of the importance of data security.  This article provides some tips for smaller businesses to have effective policies to help secure data, and how to plan for the legal issues that come from a data breach.  Big hacks like Equifax’s receive a great deal […]


Aaron Kolquist

Minnesota Becomes First State to Impose Sales Tax Collection Duties on Internet Marketplace Providers

As a result of the 2017 Legislative Session, Minnesota became the first state in the nation to impose sales and use tax collection duties on marketplace providers, such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy and other similar companies.  The new law is scheduled to take effect in 2019.  Like several other states, Minnesota is attempting to […]



The Benefits of an LLC Make Some Business Resolutions Easier to Keep

Exercise. Eat Right. Sleep eight hours. Read. Things many of us have resolved to do more in 2017. We may also have made resolutions for our businesses. One obvious but still often overlooked action every small business owner should consider is to establish an entity for the business, such as a limited liability company (LLC). […]



The Iron Range Business Climate

A Diamond in the Ore “Businesses that have opened up offices here, prefer the business climate so much, they refuse to leave.” Senator David Tomassoni [Referring to the likes of Delta Airlines and Blue Cross Blue Shield]. “Employees that relocate here appear reluctant at first, but after a few years here, we know many who […]


Samuel Richie

2017 Legislative Summary

The 2016 election was shocking on a national level, but has also had significant impact here in Minnesota. The Minnesota Senate flipped from being narrowly controlled by the DFL to a now one-seat Republican majority. This gave Republicans a majority in both the House and Senate, while the DFL maintained control of the Executive branch, […]


Aaron Kolquist

Buy-Sell Agreements: Protecting Closely-Held Companies from the Unexpected

It can be easy for small business owners to overlook certain unexpected events that can derail a business in no time.  What happens when an owner dies, becomes disabled, embezzles a bunch of money from the company, or wants to sell his or her shares or ownership interests to some unknown third party in China?  […]


Matt Hanka

Managing Your Construction Project – information for a successful project

It is construction season.  Owners are planning and hiring for commercial and residential projects.  There are many qualified contractors in our area who are skilled and ready to assist.  How do you find them?  What should be in the contract?  What about warranties for the work?  The following practical tips and summary of the relevant […]


Dehlia Seim

Doing Business with Dogs, Pigs and Turkeys

Have you noticed an unusual animal in a place you hadn’t expected or seen before? There has been an increase in publicized stories revolving animals in places generally reserved for humans. A few accounts from the news: Support turkey gets to fly: [1] “the passenger provided proper documentation proving that the fowl was indeed their […]


Aaron Kolquist

The Rise of Paid Sick Leave Laws

Paid sick leave laws have received increased focus in recent years as proponents push for such laws to be implemented.  While paid sick leave laws are unlikely to gain traction on a federal level, certain states, and especially municipalities, are taking action to pass laws that will require most employers to offer paid sick leave […]