Matt Hanka

Disclosures in Residential Real Estate Transactions

Regionally, spring is a busy time for residential real estate transactions.  It is a time when many home sellers decide to list their property, and buyers often step up their intensity when searching for a new home.  Some of the most common inquiries real estate attorneys receive, especially at this time of year, relate to […]


Aaron Kolquist

Employers Beware: Upcoming Changes Regarding FLSA Employee Exemptions

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed to amend certain provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), including an amendment that will more than double the minimum salary level required for employees to be exempt from minimum wage and overtime protection.  Ready or not, the DOL expects to finalize and publish the amended […]


Chris Virta

Growing Trend: Use of Tax Abatement for Economic Development and Public Facilities

Tax abatement is an economic development tool for communities that appears to be gaining in popularity in recent years.  First authorized by the Minnesota Legislature in 1997 as an alternative to TIF, tax abatement allows a city, town, county, or school district to abate all or a portion of its property tax on a parcel […]


Dehlia Seim

Border Battles? How to Resolve that Boundary.

I’m not referring to the Viking-Packer rivalry, but the unpleasant discovery that a property boundary line may not be where you or your neighbor believed it to be. Real estate attorneys field these calls often, and it’s our job to help sort it out so everyone is happy or at least equally dissatisfied, as a […]


Eric Johnson


How should a financial institution respond to a civil subpoena for customer records? A subpoena is a document issued in the name of a court or government agency that commands the recipient to produce documents, permit inspection, copying, testing, or sampling, or appear at a trial, hearing, or deposition.  A sample subpoena is attached hereto. […]


Aaron Kolquist

Landowners Take Notice: Minnesota’s New Buffer Strip Law May Affect You Soon

Do you own a lake cabin?  Is your property located next to a stream or public drainage system?  If you are a Minnesotan landowner owning property adjacent to a public lake, river, stream, ditch, or other wetland, you need to be aware of Minnesota’s new buffer strip law being implemented in 2016.  This law imposes […]



A Look Into 2016 Legislation Impacting Minnesota Businesses

With 2016 off the ground, Minnesota business leaders wonder what legislation may impact them in the year ahead.  This past December, the commissioner of Minnesota Management and Budget (“MMB”) published the state’s Budget & Economic Forecast.  This forecast projects future economic conditions and sheds light on budget parameters from which the Minnesota Legislature will work […]



Christmas City of the North Parade

This Friday, November 20th, marks the 57th anniversary of the Christmas City of the North Parade. The Fryberger firm will continue its tradition of passing out free hot chocolate and cookies to parade spectators. The treats will be served on the corner of Third Avenue West and Superior Street from 5:30 – 8:30.  This will […]


Samuel Richie

2016 Legislative Session Preview

The 2016 Legislative Session will be the second act of the 89th Minnesota Legislature. In order to anticipate what policies, issues, and local projects are likely to be addressed during the 2016 Session, we need to understand what did and did not happen during the chaotic 2015 Session. After the dust settled and the 2014 […]


Aaron Kolquist


With microbreweries springing up all across Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, craft beer is something very familiar to folks in the Northland.  Drawing from the area’s superb brewing waters and its firmly-rooted craft beer culture, craft breweries in the Northland are making impressive beverages, and impressive names for themselves.  These local breweries are riding a national […]