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State and Local Budget Concerns

Furloughs, layoffs, and budget cuts are some of the difficult decisions facing state and local governments as they continue to confront the economic realities of operating during a global health pandemic. Although much of the focus during the initial months of the health pandemic was on aid to small businesses, direct aid to taxpayers, unemployment […]


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Workplace Harassment: What Employers Must Know

7/15/2020 – NBI Audio Webinar I.  Spotting Signs of Harassment in Your Workplace A. What is “Harassment” Under the Law? B. Protected Classes Under Federal Law C. Social Media and After-Hours Issues D. Harassment as a Form of Employment Discrimination E. Recent Trends in Workplace Harassment Claims II.  Handling Complaints: Legal Best Practices for Employers […]



More “Touchless” Transactions Will Require Greater Vigilance by Businesses to Protect Customer Data

This column has previously discussed Minnesota’s Plastic Card Security Act (PSCA), under which, in 2007, Minnesota became the first state to pass a law shifting certain costs of customer data breaches from financial institutions to the businesses to whom customers provide data – such as credit- and debit-card information – when making transactions. Now, with […]


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Construction Contract Considerations: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

Residential construction contracts are often form documents used by builders to express the salient terms of a construction project. It is not uncommon that these contracts are signed without negotiation. The construction contract is an essential document in the home building process and is worth hiring counsel to review the document. Minnesota Statute 327A.02 provides […]


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Which City Should be the Home of your Next Business Venture? Doing Business in Cloquet, Duluth, Hermantown and Superior.

In an election year we tend to look at the national economy and federal regulations on business enterprises. However, state law and local municipal ordinances will likely impact development and business plans much more than the national political climate. Entrepreneurs make their money through diligent planning and understanding the required steps prior to opening for […]


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2020 Employment Law Checkup

Donald C. Erickson FRYBERGER LAW FIRM MSBA Certified Labor and Employment Law Specialist 218.725.6852   In light of 2019 local, state, and federal law changes employers need to insure they are in compliance as they enter 2020.  A quick checklist follows: If you have employees working in the City of Duluth, are the employees […]


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2020 Legislative Session Preview

Minnesota’s 91st Legislature is set to return for the second year of the biennium on February 11th. The interim between the budget year (2019) and the bonding year (2020) is typically a little quieter than the election offseason, but that has not been the case in 2019. Turmoil at the state’s largest agency, the Department […]


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Recordkeeping Rules for Minnesota Corporations and LLCs

It goes without saying that thorough recordkeeping is good corporate governance. However, some businesses may not know that it is also the law. Corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) that are organized under Minnesota law must maintain certain records and allow their shareholders or members to access the records upon request. This article briefly outlines […]


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Qualifying Under New FLSA Exemptions

  A.  Why is the FLSA so Important Wage and hour law present a unique challenge to the legal or HR practitioner.  The rules were developed in the Great Depression of the 1930’s where most employees were paid for physical labor, but now the rules must be applied in situations not anticipated by the regulators […]


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State and Local Entities Help Wisconsin Businesses and Nonprofits Grow

Many state and local entities operate to assist businesses and nonprofits to develop and grow. In Wisconsin, some of the major state entities include the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), the Wisconsin Health and Educational Facilities Authority (WHEFA), the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA), and the Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA). Examples of […]